Welcome to NixLabs.

NixLabs / Introduction

Welcome to NixLabs, a cozy corner of the internet where developers like you come together to support small open-source projects. Founded 16 months ago, we believe in the power of community and collaboration, working side by side to bring new ideas to life. From simple bash scripts to complex full-stack applications, our projects reflect the diverse interests and talents of our members. Whether you're a seasoned coder or just passionate about open-source, NixLabs is your home for making a difference on the net. From servers, to programmers, to eyes on your project, we do whatever we to aid in the progression of great open-source programs and tools. If you want to join us, a great place to start is our Discord. We help all kinds of people on a case by case basis, but if you want a good idea look at the list below.

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NixLabs / Funding

Since we are basically a charity, our founder Owen also sells colocation and server hosting services personally that aid in the finances of NixLabs. Most of that income is invested into the servers and software required to keep NixLabs operational. We also take donations (however our donations page isn't quite operational yet) from all kinds of people who believe in our mission.

NixLabs / Projects

Along with helping other developers, we also build a lot of in-house open-source projects. You can find projects by members and by NixLabs in the list below:

NixLabs / Legal

You can find our TOS here, and our DMCA policy here.